An Interview with Beauty Product Expert, Anouk Robert

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By Gabrielle Bittner

In November, I had the pleasure of meeting with an expert in the Health and Beauty Industry. Not only had she worked for large names like Coty and Procter and Gamble, but decided that she wanted to contribute more to the market that remains so large. Anouk Robert and her sister Celine have been creating an online platform to match people with products that align with their sustainability values.

The name of the service is called ‘Sway Today’ a hybrid of the words, ‘sustainable’ and ‘way’. According to their Climate LaunchPad, they guarantee a planet-friendly experience by offsetting 100% shipment carbon footprints and reducing plastic use by 40%. They are driven by ensuring that their service is doing something different and creating a space to educate and promote awareness through their consumer experience.

What makes this online service different from any other online or in-store set up, is the filtering capabilities that the user may use to fine tune through the product database. This customization provides a spread of products that are best suited to their individuals values. Your investment supports the suppliers who are promoting their ethically produced products and for the online service’s longevity and success it intends to offer.

Large businesses do a good job at highlighting which products are cruelty free, sulfate and paraben free, or natural. However, if you were wanting to buy a product that was run by women, supports LGBTQ communities, or is black owned it would be much more challenging to discover those product lines. Are large retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target promoting that in their stores? I would say not very well, or not at all. What sets this marketplace apart is the ability to search for products that have one, two, or seven categories that it will fall under. Not only can you find sustainable products with environmental benefits and safe performance, but you can also be making a conscious purchase that aligns with your social values.

While Anouk currently works in Switzerland for a medical wholesale company, she still has sights of launching this service soon. While this idea has been a developing work for over a year, during our conversation she noted the effects of the pandemic has added to the trials that also come along with a start-up company. Looking forward to the future, she is excited for the development of her marketplace and the positive effects it will have on consumer buying.

There are many things being done to make companies better, but how are we making consumers find what they need when their desires exceed environmental concerns will be addressed too. All these perspectives continue to be a center of focus when finding what this service can offer that other spaces do not. As I listened to Anouk speak of the longevity that she hopes this online marketplace has, I see the capacity that this service has. It not only showcases a reliable database of products, but it is pointing you towards making a difference and supporting small businesses with social ideologies and commissions. Talk about a place to shop and a place to educate. The best of both worlds! I eagerly await the coming of Sway Today, and had an exceptional time getting to talk and meet the creator behind this great development.

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