The Beauty Industry is not as Green as You Think

Walking through stores in this day in age is much different than it was ten years ago. We see beauty products being labeled with terminology such as ‘green’, ‘organic’, and ‘clean’. The majority of consumers fail to know that there is no legislation that is regulating the uses of these words when advertised to describe your everyday products. This practice is commonly known as Greenwashing.

Greenwashing is a practice that entices a consumer to believe that a product is better for you based on their claims of being environmentally friendly. Companies are jumping on this, ‘trend’ to encourage consumers to make more conscious environmental choices by choosing their products. While companies are falsely branding and making profits, they continue to sell merchandise with invalid claims. The controversy of this area is rampant due to the absence of laws putting restrictions on a company’s choice to label their products sustainable, when there are no guidelines in place.

Most consumers want to buy the product that is better for the environment and they gravitate towards the product with the appealing green imagery. I too have been a culprit of greenwashing and as a response I have chosen to research Greenwashing in the Beauty Industry. I want to know what steps are needed to stop Greenwashing from taking over the Health and Beauty world. As a consumer, we hold the strongest purchasing power and what we do with that determines whether a company profits or fails. I want to educate others on how their choices are feeding the greenwashing lifestyle that companies are continuing to grow. We have a civic duty to make realistic choices to walk towards a cleaner future and one of those ways is buying products that we know are valid in their claims.

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