Strategic Plans of Sustainability

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Regardless of the birth of an area or agency, sustainability serves as the back bone of a given place. The term sustainability is expressed to be meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. Although death is inevitable, the conservation of Earth’s limited natural resources is feasible with a secure and well-built sustainable mentality. One of my many goals for this summer includes to discover what strategic sustainability plans are currently in use- what works and what does not.

Federal agencies are not necessarily a new thing when it comes to the United States government, however, new orders are dealt out like a deck of cards during a president’s term. These advanced orders are proposed by the current president and are meant to be enforced all throughout the land. Because many people have divergent backgrounds, what I think is durable sustainability may be different from my neighbors. For example, former President Obama issued an executive order 13693 on March 19, 2015 which concerned federal sustainability in the next decade. The objective of this executive order was to maintain Federal leadership in sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reductions. However, because former President Obama’s term came to its end, a new source of power entered our homes and eventually revoked the given executive order.  As I continue working, I plan to find some similarities between the two executive orders and attempt to understand why one is supposed to trump or be superior to the other.

Federal agencies fulfill different purposes and who is to say their methods are accurate and will deliver a long lasting sustainable future? Comparing three different federal agencies water consumption, energy conservation, and installment of green infrastructure has become my new area of focus. Executive orders are extensive and include countless sections and subsections which may not always be comprehendible to all readers. I am working to cut the following executive orders 13693 and 13834 into straightforward, uncomplicated terms for any ordinary citizen, like myself, to understand.

Throughout the duration of this summer, I plan to continue my work by digging deeper into the given executive orders and how they affect my three federal agencies of choice. Water consumption, energy conservation, and the installment of green infrastructure all are imperative while trying to conserve our planet. I hope to find that all agencies are doing whatever it takes to leave this planet in better than good shape for our future generations.

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  1. randypeppler says:

    It might be interesting in a next blog post to describe the two executive orders, as it provides insight into the thinking of the two administrations.

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